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A number of really exciting games came out this month. From the fun little puzzler GENERATOR, the incredibly atmospheric Road To Ruin, to the unique Last Minute Love – The Nursing Home Dating Sim.

These are just a few games that stood out to me, but if you want to see a full list of games that really grabbed my attention in January, take a look at this month’s itchy goose collection.

Name your own price ($2.50)

Simplistic, mysterious and engaging, this little puzzler Foxhunt only took me 45 minutes to complete, but I will remember it for longer than games I’ve played for tens of hours. With a playful swish of a bushy tail, this elusive critter leaves the first of many clues as little written cue cards.

With handwriting better than mine, this fella is certainly good at controlling a marker pen with two paws.

These cards are used in a multitude of clever ways, some of which I’ve never seen in other games before. Spoiling it would be a shame so I’m going to shut myself up, hop on over to and give it a try!

Critters for Sale
Name your own price ($2.00)

Some games can only be born from the internet, a strange concoction of pop-culture references combined from incompatible eras, smothered in nostalgia, both alien and comforting.

If this GIF doesn’t convince you to try it, I don’t know what will.

Critters for Sale distinctly reminds me of the Vaporwave Movement, although a direct comparison surely doesn’t do it justice. Real-world threshold images are blended with sprites, to make a distinctly unyielding aesthetic. This is the first of a few episodes too, certainly one to keep an eye on.


Sometimes you just need a game for a coffee break, a perfect mixture of relaxation and concentration. Numgeon is a great little game to play for 10 or 15 minutes, the objective is simple, click the grid of numbered tiles in ascending order to destroy the enemy, while clicking on red tiles will restore your mana.

Game modes, colour palettes and different classes are unlocked along the way to keep everything nice and fresh.

The short sessions and clicker gameplay is really well suited for mobile platforms, I hope this becomes a possibility in the future.

Heather Flowers
Name your own price ($2.00)

Ever wanted to play as an ethereal being, manipulating a pack of spinning teeth? Well, I had no idea until I was bitten by this game, the ASCII style drew me in, and the satisfying controls kept my hand glued to my mouse. Guide a whirling swarm of teeth in this surprisingly heartfelt game. You start off small, hunting your foes by tracking their footprints, frantically striking until they are limping and helpless.

Become what they fear.

I really didn’t know what to expect with this game, but it really surprised me, it’s wonderfully weird and very memorable.

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