Play | How to Be a Tree

Jimmy “Zaphos” Andrews

How to Be a Tree is the definitive self-help guide for trees, ever find yourself slipping to degenerate, un-tree-like habits? Bad habits such as: launching yourself into the stratosphere, spending time with dodgy fractals, waging war against humanity and/or befriending worms? Well, this interactive edutainment piece will solve all your problems!

If you like the weird and the wonderful mixed with a healthy dose of subversive story-telling, How to Be a Tree and it’s 16 different endings will keep you guessing with its bizarre mixture philosophical themes and dumb humour. These different endings branch out from one another, knowledge and abilities learned from some paths open up other levels, in the strangest Metroidvania I’ve played.

As you get to discover the back story of the mysterious eye or live out your days as a broom, the attention to detail is gleeful. The whimsical endings convinced me that I needed to see everything and it makes me happy that games like this can exist, small experiences that are completely full of heart and personality.

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