Share | sok-stories | May 2019

sok-stories made by sok-pop collective is a neat little tool for creating your very own mini point and click adventures. It’s crafty style perfectly matches who it’s made for: everyone. Anyone can make a little game in a matter of minutes, and you might think that would dilute the experience, but it really doesn’t. Every sok-story I’ve played feels sincere and personal, I highly recommend playing some yourself, or even better, making some of your own. For only $3.00 you really don’t have an excuse.

While you need to buy the creator to make your own, anyone can play published stories, so I’ve made a little selection to get you started.

BRABA – by xnl snc
Brain Demons – by Laila Em
Cat artist – by reese
Cheese moon – by ebeth

make the dude cool – by keeley
Morning Post – by Joi
Muffin Catastrophe – by hello
Rainbow music maker – by Meep

mulch – by suze
Sokemon – by Noud
snail in sprouts – by poi
snake legs – by emma

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