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Glen Essex@ShinyOgre

I’ll get straight to the point, Three Doors is one of those games that can’t really be described without completely spoiling it and I won’t be spoiling it here. It’s a puzzle game, it’s clever, it probably won’t take you longer than 15 minutes to finish and you should play it. I could leave it there, but I do think it offers an interesting opportunity to say a little about how indies and gimmicks work hand-in-hand.

Gimmick is often a bit of a dirty word when it comes to games design, however they can be an incredible use of resources for indies that don’t have much time, they’re punchy, get straight to the point and provide brilliant player feedback to learn from. They also spread perfectly by word of mouth, of which Frog Fractions is a perfect example, revealing just enough to entice but carefully preserving the secret inside for the next player to enjoy.

This is what I love about small indie games such as Three Doors, discovering and figuring out the secret is very personal, but the joy of passing that on for someone else to experience is also greatly unifying. Go and play it!

Three Doors

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