Play | Winter Falling: Survival Strategy

Arek Rebacz@Rarykos

Winter Falling is a surprisingly tough survival strategy game, but fortunately the difficulty is finely tuned to always leave victory within reach. There are two ways to win, kill the Ice King, or survive for 90 seconds, even my first attempt felt within reach with only 15 seconds to spare. Every second matters, and before I knew it I was on my 10th attempt convinced I would be able to shave off a few more seconds, or make a charge for the king. There more than meets the eye here, with a few interesting mechanics that really take this game from satisfying curiosity to really clever strategy.

For one, a nice twist comes with the Ice King’s ability to periodically revive all his enemies on the battlefield. A well timed cavalry charge can dispatch a large group with a single swipe, but it’s hard to decide the perfect moment when they’ll be back on their feet soon enough. It really lends itself to the feeling of survival, you can’t win this game from merely defeating everyone, you need to make risks.

The unique art style and feel of the game is really the cherry on top, sound effects are clean and satisfying and everything feels wonderfully smooth. Plus there’s a great deal of extra strategy that I haven’t mentioned, numerous decisions determine how the fight starts adding a nice bit of variety when you get stuck. I still haven’t succeeded, and I’m really keen to see what a future version holds.

Winter Falling

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