Play | Winter Falling: Survival Strategy

FreeArek Rebacz – @Rarykos Winter Falling is a surprisingly tough survival strategy game, but fortunately the difficulty is finely tuned to always leave victory within reach. There are two ways to win, kill the Ice King, or survive for 90 seconds, even my first attempt felt within reach with only 15 seconds to spare. EveryContinue reading “Play | Winter Falling: Survival Strategy”

Share | sok-stories | May 2019

sok-stories made by sok-pop collective is a neat little tool for creating your very own mini point and click adventures. It’s crafty style perfectly matches who it’s made for: everyone. Anyone can make a little game in a matter of minutes, and you might think that would dilute the experience, but it really doesn’t. EveryContinue reading “Share | sok-stories | May 2019”

Play | How to Be a Tree

Jimmy “Zaphos” Andrews Free How to Be a Tree is the definitive self-help guide for trees, ever find yourself slipping to degenerate, un-tree-like habits? Bad habits such as: launching yourself into the stratosphere, spending time with dodgy fractals, waging war against humanity and/or befriending worms? Well, this interactive edutainment piece will solve all your problems!Continue reading “Play | How to Be a Tree”